Fall Creator's Update: Automatic Redeployment Error

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I've been doing some testing of the new features in Windows FCU, and have run into a problem with the automatic redeployment feature. When attempting to run automatic redeployment (after enabling it), I receive the error "Automatic redeployment ran into trouble". I'm not quite sure where to look in event viewer to find the logs for this so that I can try to trace the error further. Does anyone happen to know where automatic redeployment log events would be stored in event viewer?

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I searched and searched and searched for event logs.

Then I plugged in the laptop I was using for testing. The error disappeared.

I don't believe I ever thought to try that, honestly I'd pretty much given up on trying out the feature. I'll give it another whirl and see if that addresses the issue! (and wow, talk about dumb if Microsoft made that a fatal error but didn't bother to code a pop-up to inform the user).