windows server 2019: creating namespace, RPC server unavailable

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I am trying to set up namespaces for windows server 2019. From a clean install i have made two servers domain controllers for redundancy and also gave them the corresponding Ip's. Now when i try to make a domain-based namespaces "Fileserver" via DFS management, I get the error "\\Base-<name>.local \Fileserver: the namespace cannot be queried. The RPC server is unavailable."


Things i have already tried:

-updated both servers

-checked Ip configuration

-made sure Remote Procedure Call is running in services

-tried different Ip addresses

-threw away the two server VMs and remade them

-asked a friend for help, he did the exact same thing but didn't get the error

-set time to update automatically


One thing to note is that when I made the server for the first time, I used the wrong domain name. I then used a previous snapshot and used the correct domain name, after which i got the error. I have also remade the servers five times since then.

(should this be the wrong place to post, please tell me)

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