WAC: Unable to edit tags


Recently I've noticed that I'm unable to edit tags assigned to connections on the All Connections page. Selecting a server and clicking Edit Tags will show the tag window with a spinning circle for a few seconds then disappear. The Edit Tags button then becomes greyed out. To regain clickability I need to refresh the page but it still won't let me edit assigned tags.

This issue has persisted between upgrades of versions.

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Modify seems to be done through an obscure add and remove function.
The Tag Add/Remove functions are performed by procedure and the use of the +Add tags feature.
In order to remove a tag - make sure it is not assigned to any computer or server by deselection(unchecking). You might have to SAVE at this point as well.
Get back into the tags editor.
Then click the +Add tags option at the bottom of Available tags.
Make sure the tag you want to remove is unchecked
Then Enter the name of the tag you want to remove exactly as it is stated in the list above.
Click Save.
Refresh your web page to make sure. Then look to see if you can sort by the removed tag.
It should be gone.

@MSCIDM I had a corrupt install and the issue no longer happens since reinstalling the application.