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Hi, i had 1801,1803,1804 and now i have in our environment final version Admin Center.

And i get: 

A server with the name “” was not automatically discovered. You can still add it to your connections list, but its availability cannot be verified.


When i write any resource first letters or whole name, i get this message, only when i write the whole FQDN i get server or client computer recognized and it needs authentication, searching is not working as it should.


Also is there any chance that every admin would see every resource starting for example "svr*" by default? This resource can be found in domain.


The only think where i can see problem is: I am not accessing web as domain admin, web has its own generated certificate or problem may be in fact that we don´t have flat network but it is segmented (reason why delivery optimization also works only on same vlan) i am not in the same vlan or subnet as other resources, everything is roated. 



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I have a bit confused about "everything is roated"
Does it mean everything is routable?

Are you connecting to a machine on a different subnet?
To connect to amachine that is not on the same subnet as the gateway, make sure the firewall port for WinRM (TCP 5985) allows inbound traffic on the target machine. You can run the following command in PowerShell or at a Command Prompt as Administrator on the target machine to create this firewall rule:

Windows Server
Set-NetFirewallRule -Name WINRM-HTTP-In-TCP-PUBLIC -RemoteAddress Any
Windows 10
Set-NetFirewallRule -Name WINRM-HTTP-In-TCP -RemoteAddress Any

More info:

Prepare your environment for Windows Admin Center

Please try to change the manage account to your domain administrator account.



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yep, it is harder to explain, but endpoints are in different subnet, management is in different subnet, server are in different subnet (no talking abou DMZs).

My problem is, that computer cannot be found, not a single one, i can add it, but availability is not verified and connect to it. But as you can see on the picture, i have about 20 computers that start hto- and there is none found or hinted or something, its much harder to add computers. 

On firewall everything is working, i connect to it and everything, i just cant get the finding feature working. Is it possible for admin center to look to AD and tr to find PC there? 

Thanks for your answer 






I have a test.

Wac is installed a Server 2016.  A win10 called "win10-6" is located in a different subnet.

They are routable. It works well.

It occurs the same error when I delete the host A record of "win10-6"


 >>Is it possible for admin center to look to AD and tr to find PC there? 

It is not support for now.



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So in my case it doesnt see to DNS?
Do you typ the whole FQDN and then it finds your computer?
Or you can type first xx letters and then i finds all computers starting with those letters?


I add it as its hostname or FQDN ,IP not first letter.



In addition, you could disable your firewall for a test.

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