Windows 365 for Business Questions

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I bought a Windows 365 for Business license to pilot it to see if it fits our organization needs and I have several questions.


  1. I can access the Cloud PC via RDP on my home computer but can’t do it from my company issued laptop which is Hybrid Azure AD joined. I found this online with someone reporting similar problem:
  2.  I can’t sign into OneDrive on the cloud PC. When I attempt to launch Onedrive or sign in, nothing happens. No prompt to enter my credentials.
  3. Is there a way for the Cloud PC to access the host computers web camera for Teams calls?
  4. I understand you can make the user who signs in an administrator when you manage them as a global admin in Is that the only way to make a user an administrator? So if a user needs to install something that requires elevated privilege's, the only option I have is to make them an administrator, then remove it when they're done doing there stuff?


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@garyleung1981 thanks for reaching out with questions.


1. Which step are you getting stuck at? Could you provide some more information about your error? Have you tried replicating some of the methods users tried in this thread, such as reinstalling the remote desktop app, and creating a new user that is MFA disabled? What were your results?


2. This issue should be related to the OneDrive installation for your PC. To troubleshoot this, go ahead and file a support ticket with OneDrive: Contact - Microsoft Support


3. Yes, you can use the host computers web camera when you are accessing the Cloud PC via RDP. Here is some documentation you can read to learn more about using Microsoft Teams on a Cloud PC: Microsoft Teams on Cloud PCs | Microsoft Docs


4. Some benefits of accessing the Cloud PC via browser include the ability to use it with any endpoint, and the flexibility of being able to access Windows anywhere. Organization admins can access Windows 365 Admin functionality through the web browser portal, simplifying and centralizing admin functions and their Cloud PC's. Additionally, users can collect user logs and provide feedback through features available only on browser sessions. There are some benefits to using the RDP over the web client however, including access to device camera for teams meetings and access to some additional features.


5. Organization admins can also access their organization's Cloud PC user list through Microsoft Admin Center: Active users - Microsoft 365 admin center

Here, they can assign a user as a local administrator, similar to the functionality available on the Windows 365 Admin Portal link you provided.  This would be the only additional way to assign/remove a device admin role to a user.