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We've subscribed for a windows 365 business cloud pc to evaluate this system and in the future provide key in hand system for our software solution, all is configuring fine, but our customer application installed in this cloud pc need to ping (icmp) our main database server hosted before starting. In fact it seems outgoing ping not working for ip or any domain name (always timeout error) also when temporary disabling firewall we have the same problem. Is it normal ? It is a known restriction with cloud pc ? How to enable this ?


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Gregory Letellier

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Avez vous trouvé une solution à ce problème de ping sortant ? Je rencontre le même soucis et ne sais comment le contourner.

Expected, outgoing ping is blocked in W365 business. It cannot be enabled at this time and we are considering adding it in the future. Please submit feedback asking for this on our feedback site, here is link =

Feedback has moved since these posts. I've just posted a new topic over here if anyone else wants to upvote and/or comment.


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