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I am hear, a user of Windows 11 Beta Channel Build: 22000.194. It is wonderful and I love the features which are present and the fresh look. I'd love if you to add a feature. "RESIZING THE START MENU". For desktop users with a large monitor, they don't seem this a problem as the start menu will be of the same size, but as the monitor is big, the surrounding areas around the start menu will be big, giving the start menu a smaller look, and giving a nice look to the OS. But for laptop users, the start menu looks very large, taking the whole space of the screen which is there in my scenario. I have attached the screen shot of how it looks. It looks weird to me as well as my friend said me about this. In Windows 10, we could put resize the start meu and make the start menu small. I want a little part of the Motion Designer in this work. I want the effect come like this. When we resize it to small, the pinned apps icons' should become a little small, matching the start menu's size, as well as the recommended section too. As it will become small, it gives the feel of smaller start menu. I hope you will implement this feature as fast as possible.



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Such a great idea - please submit this suggestion to the Feedback Center.
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I had submitted the same feedback in Feedback Centre, but no one has responded to it.