problems with mouse

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I got this update four days ago, and as soon as I installed it it has been a great headache. When I open the file explorer I get nothing where the tool ribbons where, and I can not use the rigth mouse button because it does nothing. The rigth mouse button does not do anithing in the desktop, so I can not do anything with the desktop. The funny thing is that when I open any other program, all the buttons in the mouse work beautifully. If you want to add another funny behaviour, when I execute the Windows Store, it starts fine but before displaying the new apps, it goes all black, and it starts flashing sone lines at the botton. After a while the image finally comes up and works perfectly. After this fireworks display, I can use the rigth button in the desktop, and file explorer works beautifully. Well I suppose you will say it fixed itself, but the probles is that if I restart the computer or turn it off, when I start again I am back to square one.Snap 2023-11-18 at 19.54.40.jpg

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I finally worked it out myself. I looked at the device manager, and under display adapter had a controller from Intel (Intel G965 Express chipset WDDM1.1) that was displaying error 43. I changed the controler to microsoft basic display adapter, and by some miracle it is working perfectly now.