23H2 Virtual Desktop Regression

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After I installed 23H2 I cannot switch between Virtual Desktops easily. Ctrl+Win+Right/Left almost never works. Clicking the Virtual Desktop button and directly selecting the desktop to switch to also almost never works. However, if you click the Virtual Desktop button and hover over the desktop you want to switch to long enough to load the task list for that desktop, then and only then can you reliably select and switch to that desktop.


I reported an issue to Microsoft through the feedback hub a few weeks ago but haven't received any response, and searches for others with this problem come up empty.

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I just installed the most recent 23H2 cumulative update preview and it seems to have fixed the issue, but unsure if it will stick. Before installing that, desktop switching started working (including Ctrl+Win+Right/Left) for a while even across reboots, then stopped working again. This has been some of the most unpredictable software behavior I've ever seen.
Nope, it just stopped working again and I'm back to the hover+wait for task list+click thing.
Here is an article that might help you do it quicker without the shortcut using the taskbar. https://www.howtogeek.com/688174/how-to-quickly-switch-between-virtual-desktops-on-windows-10/
As I stated in the original post, the hotkey switching is part of what doesn't work.