What's new in Viva Insights - June 2023
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New metrics to measure workload


How many meeting hours do employees generate by organizing meetings? Is a relatively small group generating an outsized percentage of the meeting load? Which groups are creating the highest meeting load during after-hours for others?


To answer these questions and more, we’re excited to announce the release of 10 new Generated load metrics.

These new metrics help analysts understand the workload, or “generated load,” employees might create for others by scheduling meetings, sending emails or Teams chats, and calling people on Teams.


How to use these metrics


With generated load metrics, analysts can understand which groups are generating the most workload for others. Analysts can also customize the metric to perform their own new analyses.


The generated load metric is available to users who have the Insights Analyst role assigned to them. The metric can be added and customized for custom person queries and for Power BI template queries.


New meeting category insights card in Digest


We’re also making it easier to see how exactly you spend your time in meetings. With the new card in your digest email, you can now see:


  • Your top three meeting categories.
  • The percentage of total meeting time you spent in each category over the last four weeks.
  • How your category percentages have changed from the four weeks before.

To get this card, you’ll need to have a premium subscription, along with more than 40 hours of meetings and 20% of your meetings categorized over the last four weeks. Learn more about meeting insights.


Automatic meeting categorization


In July, Viva Insights will start to automatically categorize meetings for you. Meeting category insights will begin automatically categorizing meetings for users based on meeting size, length, cadence, and number of people in the meetings. These categories can help licensed users identify meetings that are expensive in terms of time spent, participants included, or both. Using these insights, users can assess whether meetings that fall under this category are a valuable use of time and resources as a step towards doing more with less.


Categorizations will appear in Viva Insights only and will not show up in your Outlook or Teams calendar.








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