New Viva Insights connectors enable automation, rich insights, and custom solutions
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We’re excited to announce new capabilities coming to Viva Insights!


Let’s look at each of these new features which are currently available in private preview.


Microsoft Graph Data Connect


Viva Insights provides out-of-the-box insights that provide visibility into work patterns and trends that can lead to disengagement and productivity loss. These insights are surfaced in the flow of work in Teams, Outlook, and web. Analysts can dig deeper into organizational trends using pre-packaged templates and 100+ metrics and customizations. You can perform an even broader analysis using a new automated path to Azure.


Microsoft Graph Data Connect provides a secure bridge from Viva Insights to Azure Fabric, where computed metrics from Viva Insights can be combined with additional data sources, making it possible to create a highly custom and even deeper view of how workforce behaviors influence specific business outcomes. For example, you can combine data from Viva Insights with data from third-party or custom applications in your existing ecosystem that are unique to your business or industry. Or perhaps you would like to use badge and floorplan data as part of a workspace planning analysis.


You can also embed computed metrics – either directly from Viva Insights or after combing computed metrics with additional data - into your line of business and custom-built applications, creating highly personalized experiences tailored for specific needs. An example of this could be surfacing Viva Insights metrics within your CRM application.


All data is kept within a single, trusted service boundary, allowing organizations to establish detailed data governance policies that determine how sensitive data is handled. Application administrators are empowered to review and provide explicit consent to the types and amounts of data across applications or data warehouses that can be included as part of the analysis.


Access to data at scale that integrates with the Azure toolchain and the full power of Microsoft Fabric enables enterprise developers and ISVs to build intelligent applications that seamlessly integrate with Viva Insights.


Watch this short video for additional details.



Complete this registration form if you are interested in learning more about private preview opportunities.


Viva Insights data import APIs


Viva Insights uses aggregated data from everyday work and business context to help organizations understand how work happens and identify the patterns that lead to successful outcomes. Two new import APIs make it even easier to provide relevant business context that help unlock rich insights.


The Insights HCM import API helps ensure your organizational data is always current. Organizational data from any HCM data source can be sent to the import API, and once the data source has been established, periodic data refreshed can be scheduled to ensure accurate insights over time.


Similarly, data from any survey data source can be sent to the Insights sentiment import API. Survey data combined with behavioral data helps organizations understand how work patterns and trends impact employee sentiment. Using a pre-packaged report template, analysts can combine data about how people work with data about how people feel to create a more holistic view of the employee experience. This integrated approach empowers organizations to more accurately identify patterns that can lead to disengagement, proactively adjust work norms, and track the impact of those changes over time.


Watch this short video for additional details about both new import APIs.



Register to learn more about private preview opportunities for the HCM import API and the survey import API.


New Viva Insights report templates


Viva Insights includes a library of pre-packaged report templates that can be used to visually understand workplace patterns and trends. We are happy to announce two new reports that will be available worldwide by the end of July.


The Onboarding and development report focuses on the critical phase of new hire integration and development for both those new to the company and those new to role. Up to 20% of new hires leave in the first 45 days of employment. These high turnover rates among new employees pose challenges for organizations, making it crucial to understand the effectiveness of the new hire experience. This report helps to identify opportunities to improve programs for new hires and those new to role.


Onboarding and dev - boost learning.png

Onboarding and development report: Boost time spent learning page


The Impact explorer report helps leaders identify areas of opportunity and the potential impact of taking action. For example, leaders can explore the potential impact of cutting long and large meetings to reclaim time for employees and then measure the impact of preserving time to focus.


MicrosoftTeams-image (56).png

Impact explorer report: Track progress for focus time kept by employees page


Read this blog for more information about both new report templates.


As always, we are eager for your feedback, so please leave your comments below.

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