External presenters in Town Halls

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Does feature ID 123149 have any impact on Town Halls?

Reason I ask is our 365 tenant does not appear to currently have the ability to invite external presenters to Town Hall Events in Microsoft Teams.

I know the feature was supposed to be rolled out for Webinars by the end of October (and then got delayed slightly to be completed early this month as per MC675281), but I'm being asked to confirm if this includes Town Halls and other forms of webinar.

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When you organize your Town Hall you should see that you are able to invite external presenters and with this update they will get an unique join link instead of the regular join link since that might not allow them to bypass the lobby as externals.





@Linus Cansby Have you or anyone had the issue where the unique link only works once even when you generate a new link. As we have tested this the case of external presenter being unable to re-join the call after they exit even after we send them the new link. We have had better luck if when testing it again after 24 hours.