Don't have live event option on teams

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I don't seem to have the "Live Event" option on my Microsoft teams calendar. What do I need to do to get it? Or do I need a certain licence type?

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There are actually a few licensing requirements. You will need either E1, E3, E5 or if in EDU A3 or A5. Assuming you have the correct licensing, you may not have Live Events enabled in your Live Events Policy. If you aren't the admin, I would check with your Teams Administrator.

Understanding that Office E1, E3, etc is requried for Live Events, can someone provide the mapping to Office elements included in the various Microsoft 365 licenses such as Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

Microsoft 365 admin center ... /UserDetails  includes various App entries that show the "plan" included, such as Microsoft Forms (Plan E1) and Project for Office (Plan E5).  


But there is no such designation or information for the Office elements and Teams is not even listed!

Can I also ask why oh why this page does not even mention Live OR Events?
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Hi @MPenson,

Thanks for posting your question.

To have the ability to create live events, you need to have E1, E3 or E5 lisc.
If you are an EDU company / partner, then you need to have A3 or A5 lisc.
If you think that you are currently holding any of these lisc. and still don't see an option to create a live event, then please make sure that your exchange mailbox is online.
Lastly ,check with your Teams Admin, if your account has permissions to create live events or not.

Thank you~~