3rd party encoder for events with outside participants

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I know that a 3rd party encoder cannot be used if the event is set to "public". What if it's set to "People and Groups"? Can I then invite people from outside our Org and use a 3rd party encoder?

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@Milwanke I'm exactly in the same situation and from what I found out is that it doesn't work.


If you select "People and Groups" you can invite external participants (but only if they are Guest in your Tenant), but you can't select the "External Encoder" anymore.


When you first select the "Externeal Encoder" and then invite an external participant, you can't select him anymore. 


@Milwanke Hi ,


We are running a preview program at the moment with the help of it you can create a PUBLIC event using MS Stream with a third party encoder like OBS, Vmix, Wirecast etc 


You can fill your assistance form by visiting here and choose assistance for an upcoming event. we should contact you with in 24 - 48 working hrs.


Did you know Microsoft is offering a free Live events assistance service till 1st Jan-2021 and you can find out more about this service by visiting here : & . So, what are you waiting for , Submit your request today.


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