What is best mobile phone to utilize Office and outlook

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I currently have an IPhone 6+ and ready to upgrade. It seems that IPhone and outlook do not integrate as well as I wished it would.

I am looking for opinions on whether the current IPhone8 or Galaxy8 or newer versions are better than the other when it comes to using outlook and 365 on a mobile phone. 

This would include Office 365 Contacts, Email, Task, Calendar and Outlook


I am new to this sort of conversation and I hope I'm in the right area to ask

Your input would be appreciated. Advanced thank you for talking any time to share.

Thank you

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My impression is that currently the Android platform is a bit ahead if it comes to integration with the Microsoft platform.

Jan, thank you for commenting

if you have time for 1 additional question ? do you know if the android platform ( galaxy) displays outlook as it does on a windows PC.

I do not own an Android phone, but given that it is a phone the display will be different from a PC for sure. Perhaps this hepls:

Outlook on the Android is terrible. Even if we ignore the performance issues (and you still get a lot of these), it lacks basic functionality. For example, to switch between messages you have to get back to the folder view and click on the message - there is no next/previous button or action. People have recommended other email apps to use on Android, but I haven't given them a chance yet.

Having both latest iOS and Android on mobiles I still keep my old Lumia 930 with Win10, these days mainly due to Outlook. That's the only more or less acceptable version of mobile Outlook. Long list of what is wrong with it on first two platforms, it's enough to check outlook uservoice.


Unfortunately Win10 Mobile is practically closed, thus you have no choice with Outlook. Didn't check other email/calendar clients.

after much research and product comparison I have traded in my iphone and switched to the Samsung galaxy note and it seems to be integrating with my outlook and currently to my expectation

thank you all for your comments