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Hello everybody,

I would like to count the amount of numerics (1-10) in a row, count it without commas,

but I have to take into account

that in one cell is more than one number like




the range of numerics is 1 - 10 where 10 shoud be counted as ONE numeric like

the others:


The result here would be:




Result: 12

I have counted the AMOUNT OF numbers WITHOUT COMMAS and the 10 like ONE number,

finally SUM it up: result -->12.

I have already tried it with several commands like "sum" and "length" etc.  but unfortunately

I was not succesful.

I hope that some will find the time to suggest a solution to solve this  problem.

Many thanks in advance,

best wishes,





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Hi Niklas,


Better to republish your question on Excel community here in Formulas & Functions space.


Anyway, simular question was discussed here, the only number numbers are separated by Alt+Enter, not comma. Here is about formulas

and that is G&T approach