Populating Bing Maps that pins labels for more than one user by location

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Currently working on Bing Maps in SharePoint online. 

In 2016 the map is linked to a list and populated with labels of locations and once the label is hovered over it shows the names and further details according to the list.

In SharePoint online the Bings map is out of the box and so I was wondering what you would advise would be the best way to develop this? 


I've seen a tutorial online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9Y3j-2qcfg

and this requires having a key first for a Bing API connector, but when I click to create the key it says it says there are currently no triggers for the connector. (Please see im3 attached)


I've created the key but just wanted to check if there is an alterative way that I can link the linked list to the bing maps and pin the labels of locations and names, without using the api connector? 


Please see images below, img is what already exists in 2016 and img1 is what I am trying to figure out in SharePoint online. 

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