/users/id/joinedTeams - api call is not getting me all the teams for provided user.

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this graph api call is not getting me all the teams for provided user , and it is not having  @odata.nextLink as well , recently created teams are missing , what to do ?

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@Yogi4, It could be sync issue. Try it after sometime from Team is created. Sometimes in some cases it could take even 24 hours. Let me know if you see your newly created Teams listed in Response

@Abhijit_MSFT  It is not sync Issue , Teams are created much before , API never returns if it is more than 1000 teams , and why it does not have @odata.nextlink?

@Yogi, Do you have more than 1000 teams in a tenant? I am checking the upper limit what you can have.

@Abhijit_MSFT  Yes it is in one tenant. It is not limit issue because i am able to get those teams using /Groups API call. But it gets all the groups irrespective of specific user.

@Yogi4, Sorry missed to respond.

There is a limit on One can be part of number of Teams. One user can be member of only 1000 teams. Check this documentation. 

That is the reason you are unable to get the me/JoinedTeams count more than 1000.