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Hi all,


Given: An app registration within our tenant that's used to login to our API that uses MS Teams Powershell commands. Also, we've allowed a partner with Global Admin and Teams Admin access to our tenant.

Just want to ask if it's possible to allow a user with GDAP to access our app that uses some MS Teams powershell modules? When the user with GDAP tries to login to our app, this is the error we see:


AADSTS90099: The application '{{app ID}}' has not been authorized in the tenant '{{our tenant ID}}'. Applications must be authorized to access the customer tenant before partner delegated administrators can use them.




Not really sure where to look at this point and if we're missing some setup somewhere.
Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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@jasonbrl - Please raise a ticket in Partner Center Support page.


Prasad Das


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Hello @jasonbrl - Hope you are successfully able to raise a ticket in Partner Center Support page.
Please let us know if your issue has resolved or need any further help here?