Microsft Teams App does not load in the tab

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Hi, I had created an application for teams using app studio. After install the app in teams when I enter the tab the page doesn t load in few words the page stay in blank. The Web Embed use Integrated Windows Authentication, maybe that is the problem. 

Here is the code manifest:




    "$schema": "https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/json-schemas/teams/v1.5/MicrosoftTeams.schema.json",
    "manifestVersion": "1.5",
    "version": "1.0.1",
    "id": "276adadb-6089-444a-ad9d-3e11487d8bf8",
    "packageName": "TI_MesaAyuda",
    "developer": {
        "name": "Enzo",
        "websiteUrl": "",
        "privacyUrl": "https://tickets.Prueba.Teams",
        "termsOfUseUrl": "https://tickets.Prueba.Teams"
    "icons": {
        "color": "color.png",
        "outline": "outline.png"
    "name": {
        "short": "Mesa de ayuda TI",
        "full": "Sistema de mesa de ayuda"
    "description": {
        "short": "Mesa de ayuda de ",
        "full": "Sistema de mesa de ayuda de Megalabs     "
    "accentColor": "#FFFFFF",
    "staticTabs": [
            "entityId": "Ticket1",
            "name": "Mesa de ayuda",
            "contentUrl": "https://tickets.prueba.teams",
            "websiteUrl": "https://tickets.prueba.teams",
            "scopes": [
    "permissions": [
    "validDomains": [




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@Enzo_Sambucetti , I believe windows authentication is blocking your page to be loaded in teams desktop client. Are you facing the same for Teams web. to fix this you need to implement Teams auth with in Tab. please look at Tab Authentication in Teams

@Trinetra-MSFT  thank you for answer, I continue with the problem, you say that I need to use Tab Authentication in Teams However I understand this method works when you have your application registred in microsft azure and you get the token from the Azure AD. But in my case I use the AD from my company and not from Azure. Yoy think it could work anyway?

@Enzo_Sambucetti , Teams login page is an iframe if your login mechanism is not using an iframe teams will block and you need to by your auth using Teams Tab authentication.