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System Center blog posts are now located in our new home on the Microsoft Tech Community. The Microsoft Tech Community is an awesome place for peer-to-peer engagement and direct connection with the people who build the products.


Going forward, you’ll find the latest news and content related to all System Center products right here. You will be able to filter blog posts related to a specific System Center product using labels. To make it easier to get here, you can just go to 


System Center Blog.png




As always, we’d love to receive any feedback or suggestions you have!



Nagaraj Venkatesh

Product Manager, System Center



P.S.: If you want to follow the blog on RSS, go to the blog homepage, click on the Options dropdown menu, and select Subscribe to RSS Feed

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I have saved a lot of useful links to, Where can i find these articles after the migration ?






Hello Martin, 


Please filter 'Service Manager' blogs using the lable field. You would be able to find the service manager blogs there. You can also subscribe or bookmark the URL. 


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Do you plan on restoring all the other System Center technet blogs on techcommunity? Quite a lot of them still had extremely valuable information, and it would be a shame to lose it all...

@CyrAz We have combined all the System Center Engineering blogs into this one blog. Do you have a link to the specific blog you are referring to? 

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@Nagaraj Venkatesh I started a list which is by no mean exhaustive (also available on technet forums : )

I fully understand most of these were not from product team or engineering, but they still had enormous amount of very useful info and their loss has already caused me some trouble while searching for stuff that I knew was there!


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I just checked again and it seems that two of the ones that I tagged "offline" are actually now back online (privatecloud and germanageability)... Go figure.

Lukaszr still looks offline though.


As announced here, the blogs are coming back! As a read-only copy of course—but that's all we need.

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@Lynne Taggart  that is GREAT news, thanks!

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Where do we make suggestions on enhancements to Service Manager, would love to see Teams integration

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