System Center 2022 Update Rollup 1 is here
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We are glad to announce the release of the first Update Rollup for System Center 2022. Last April, we released System Center 2022 and this Update Rollup brings in additional set of new capabilities, performance improvements and hybrid features. This release includes the much-awaited support for SQL server 2022 and Azure Stack HCI 22H2. Update Rollup 1 is currently available for Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) and Data Protection Manager (DPM). 


Note: Update Rollup 1 for SCOM is available here. Update Rollup 1 for SCO can be downloaded from here. Follow System Center blog and System Center twitter handle to receive all the latest updates.

Let’s take a closer look at all the new features and enhancements.


Data Protection Manager

The key new features added in DPM UR1 includes

  • Support for SQL Server 2022 
  • SQL Self Service Recovery Tool 
  • Support for O365 SMTP  & port 587

Support for SQL Server 2022

SQL Server 2022 is a step up over SQL Server 2019. It provides integration with Synapse, Purview, along with other performance and security enhancements. If you are thinking of upgrading to the latest and greatest SQL Server, then DPM 2022 UR1 has you covered.

DPM 2022 UR1 adds support to both protect SQL Server 2022 instances as well as use SQL Server 2022 as the DPM Database. Under the sheets, it adds support for the OLEDB 18 Driver in addition to the SQL Server Native Client 2012. The latter is not shipped with SQL Server 2022 and is not recommended for new development work. The steps to use SQL Server 2022 as DPM database can be found here.  

DPM SQL Self Service Recovery Tool is back!

DPM’s Self Service Recovery Tool, which was removed from DPM 2022 RTM, is now back in DPM 2022 UR1. You can now continue to configure self-service recovery permissions for your Database Administrators for through the DPM console. The SQL Self Service Recovery Tool is available as a separate downloadable to enable Database Administrators to easily download and recover their databases without contacting the Backup Administrator.

Support for O365 SMTP and port 587

For receiving alerts and reports over email, you can now use port 587 in addition to port 25 for secure SMTP with DPM 2022 UR1. Instead of using a relay agent, DPM can now connect to an O365 mailbox directly. Learn more.


Apart from the new features mentioned above, DPM 2022 UR1 also fixes the following key bugs:

  • Restoration of Hyper-V VMs fails when ISO is attached.
  • DPM 2022 agent silent installation with /q switch doesn't close the terminal automatically.
  • Recovering a VMware disk which has a disk excluded recovers all disks.
  • Long term backup to Tape crashes DPM with Null ShadowCopy error.

Refer to the KB article and What’s new section for additional details.


Virtual Machine Manager:

In case you had missed, we recently introduced SCVMM hybrid solution “Arc enabled SCVMM” in preview. With “Arc enabled SCVMM”, customers can manage the life cycle operations of on-prem virtual machines from Azure.

Discovery of Arc enabled SCVMM:

In SCVMM console, we have added a brand new “Azure Arc” blade for easier discovery of “Arc enabled SCVMM” service. This discovery page provides guidance around pre-requisites and steps to Arc-enable the SCVMM deployment and navigation buttons to the Azure Portal to get started. Read more about Arc enabled SCVMM here.

Arc blade in VMM consoleArc blade in VMM console

Manage Azure Stack HCI clusters with SCVMM:

We first announced the support of Azure Stack HCI clusters in SCVMM 2019 UR3 and we continue to invest in this space. With SCVMM 2022 UR1, you can manage the latest version of Azure Stack HCI 22H2 clusters. Read more about Azure Stack HCI support here.

Introducing support to SQL 2022:

We are thrilled to announce that SQL 2022 can be added as database to SCVMM 2022 RTM & later versions.

Manage ESXI 7.0 clusters with SCVMM:

VMware Vsphere 7.0 and ESXI 7.0 support is added with this release. With this feature, you can add ESXI 7.0 hosts to SCVMM and convert a VMware VM to Hyper-V VM. 


Update (19/01/23): We have added support to manage Vshpere 8.0 and ESXI 8.0 clusters using VMM 2022 UR1. Click here to read more. 

Networking improvements:

On the networking front, we are expanding support to 64 virtual networks starting with OS version Windows Server 2019 and above. To improve the network performance, you can now enable SR-IOV capability to Network Controller managed NICs.

Important Instructions to upgrade to VMM 2022 UR1 if VMM is integrated to SCOM:

In this release, VMM dependencies on deprecated SCOM Management Packs are removed. If you have an active SCOM - VMM integration, please follow the steps listed in KB article before upgrading to VMM 2022 UR1.


The following are the key bugs fixed in VMM 2022 UR1,


  • After installing UR patch, the Agent Version in the VMM Server view is not updated correctly Highly available VMM environment.
  • VMM console crashes with “OutOfMemoryException” due to orphaned checkpoint data.
  • V2V migration fails as free space is calculated for an incorrect Cluster Shared Volume.
  • Unable to create Azure Profile in VMM 2022 RTM.


We are committed in delivering new features and quality updates with UR releases at regular cadence. For any feedback and queries, you can reach us at





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