Where can I complain about HW product quality (Surface Book)?

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First of all, I have to mention that I was a great fan of my Surface Book, until a few monts ago. 


8 months ago, the HW warranty of my surface book ran out. Over the last 3-4 months, my surface book display bulged more and more, the glass of the screen disconnected from the edge, the frame is bent..

And I was not even using it as tablet. It was mostly connected to the docking station. 


Here are some enlighting pictures and a video: https://youtu.be/1sTr8U0F1Bs


Microsoft apparently offers an exchange with refurbished surface books. But frankly, why should I pay another CHF 600 when I paid almost CHF 3000 for a product with this bad quality? 


Is there a place I can complain about the bad quality of that product?



2019-02-11 16.29.47.jpg2019-02-11 16.26.36.jpg2019-02-11 16.27.07.jpg

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That looks like your battery has started to bulge, you should not be using this, it is a safety hazard (Fire) at this point.

Reach out to them, i would be amazed if they did nothing.

Hello @Richard Jenner ,


"them" is a difficult task over here in Switzerland. 

The Microsoft reseller I bought that device from points to the 2-year warranty which is over.

Microsoft itself offers a refurbished device for another CHF 600 as far as I was able to figure out. 


But I do not only want to not buy a refurbished unit, I want to complain. 

Microsoft seems not to want to listen. 




I would keep bugging MS support to get the case moved beyond the level 1 techs, there are several forum posts of people doing this and getting the device switched over (Although they were US based).
Outside of that i personally don't think spending 600 chf to get an out of warranty device that cost 3000 originally replaced is totally beyond reason