How FSRM quotas are affected when subfolders are moved from one folder to another
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First published on TECHNET on Mar 06, 2006
A customer recently tested FSRM and noticed the following, “In our testing, we have two root folders, A and B, with separate quota policies for each. If we move a subfolder of A to B, we don’t see the moved subfolder get the B policy.  It seems to maintain the A policy after the move.  Is this the expected behavior?”

Georgi Matev responds:

If you have regular quotas on A and B, then the quotas only apply to these folders. Subfolders are subject to these quotas (since quotas apply to the folder subtree) but do not have quota configuration. Thus if a subfolder of A is moved under B then there will be no quota.

If you are referring to the auto apply template feature and have that configuration on A and B, then things are a bit different. The template associated with each folder is applied to a subfolder either at configuration time if the subfolder exists, or when the subfolder is created. After the template is applied, each subfolder will have a quota configuration associated with it. The quota moves as the folder moves. When such a subfolder is moved from under A to under B, then it will retain the already existing quota configuration.


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