Skype for Podcast

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I looking to start a Podcast and wanted to gather as much information possible. We currently have a studio we've acquired and was hoping to talk to someone in detail to help me decide the best product for what I'm after. 


However, I'm starting a Podcast and want to the ability to interview guest with HD quality, the ability to record and have a features that has 2-way visibility. This would not be a live production, however we still want the live production quality. 


Im not sure if the product of choice would be: Skype TX or Skype for Content Creators?


Additional questions:

1. Is it possible to remove the Skype logo for the recording of the Skype call on all of the product for a more professional look.

2. Would I have to use additional software or products such as NewTek, QuickLink, NDI, etc. 

3. Is any material or recording stored on the cloud or directly to my desktop.

4. Do you offer Business Account?

5. Is there a contact phone number for Skype Business questions.


Again this will be a "Fake Live" show, for which the Skype product would only serve as two communication via Video and Audio to be recorded to post production.

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