Skype for bussiness. Mass duplicate of a certain person in the phone contacts book

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Im writing this on behalf of my dad which has a problem with mass duplication of a person on his phone. It says this person was added through skype for bussines. The contact of the person comes from Outlook 365. This person has been duplicated around 6000 times. Since it says a certain number above 6000 contacts have been added.


We have tried deleting the person in question from outlook. We have also tried to delete the outlook account from his phone and reapply. However nothing seems to work to remove it. It only happend with this one person. Force syncronising the phone after deleting his outlook account from his phone removed the many accounts but also the other account which are needed for his job and when reapplied the problem came back.


My guess it's maybe something to do with synchronization between outlook, skype for bussiness and his phone.


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Tobias Collin

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