Changing from E4 to E3 broke Exchange Connectigity with SfB C2R


My license for Office 365 was downgraded to E3 from E4 while using O365 Click to Run.  I have noticed that the following no longer work.


I have no call history in missed calls after the licensing change

All of my Groups are gone

Under status, nothing is listed

Relationships only show external contacts

I have no PSTN missed calls after the licensing was changed (I show ones prior to that date).  Internal calls show up however

Under missed calls I have nothing

Under Calls, the same thing

No voice mail messages are listed

no new meetings show up either.


Do check, everything on my mobile device is fine, and if I log in with a non C2R version (16.0.4266.1001) I gent an erro stating could nto connect to Exchange.  The uccapilog file has this: ms-diagnostics: 2165;reason="Contact subscription is not allowed as the user's contact list has migrated to Exchange.";source=""  I have not made any changes to my UCS settings (I'm using Unfied Contact Store)


I checked one last version of SfB CLient: 15.0.4945.1001 and am not having any issues with that vesion



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So I eneded up doing a couple of things

  1. set my UCS policy to UCSAllowed (It was false due to some testing I forgot about)
  2. Invoke-CsUcsRollback <sipuri>

Waited a couple of minutes, and everything was back