CCE 2.0 Mediation Service Stops frequently


The mediation service on my CCE Med Server stops quite frequently. I've also noticed the mediation service is set to manual. What would cause the med service to A) Be set to manual and not automatic? (even when manually set to auto it switches back to manual on its own) and B) What conditions would cause the med service to stop on its own? Im aware some new health check features have been built into the CCE 2.0 release but im not sure on the specifics of what these new health check features are and what they effect. Could this be related to the issue im seeing?

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And you are sure you have enough resources available for the CCE machines? Services stopping may indicate otherwise. As far as I know this is not a general bug in CCE 2.0

Nothing wrong with the VMs compute. In fact you cant install CCE without meeting the compute prerequisites anyway. The install-ccinstance will only complete once the compute prerequisites are satisfied. Its only the one service on the med thats affected. All other services are fine. Incidentally im using the 50 concurrent call CCE 'minimum' for testing purposes.

I set it to "Automatic (Delayed Start), once the Med server is rebooted all the SFB* services are restarted themselves automatically. And in our environment, Med doesn't stop itself frequently like what you faced in your environment. I would suggest you check Event Viewer to observe root cause(s).


Regarding with your question B, it's true that I manually stopped all running SFB* services on Med server on purpose but "self-monitoring and troubleshooting mechanism" are not kicking in contrary to what's stated in CCE 2.0.

I did the same. But as i said in my opening post mine always reverts back to manual and then the service drains and then stops. The event viewer shows nothing untoward other than the service draining and stopping and then starting after i restart it manually.

I see, the only thing I can think of now what is your CCE Module version and SFB Online PowerShell Module Version installed on Hyper-V Host? If I were in your condition, I would backup current CCE config file and start afresh.  


That's the versions I have in my working environment.





A rebuild seems a bit too drastic as all my VM's are working, including the med when i start the service, of which the installation completed with no errors. Im running CCE 2.0 so my build version matches yours although my version of PS is higher. Im more curious to understand why the service is set to manual and why that can't be changed. As well as why the service stops and if this is related to the health check monitoring features that have been introduced in 2.0. Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be much information on this online yet.

Hi @shawn harry can you, please open a case in Microsoft support and let me know the case number. We will look into it. I am not aware of any similar issues.

Hi Nikolay


The ticket numbers is #30126-6152389



I've spoken with Carolyn Blanding and she says it may be a possible bug with the SfBO PS module 7.0

Chatted to Carolyn, we will look into this. Thank you for raising. 

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Thanks for looking into this Nikolay. Carolyn advised the behavior im seeing is by design and is due to the new health check monitoring in 2.0.0 although my deployment is also exhibiting the 'reporting' bug with PS 7.0. As there was an issue with my Edge the CCE Management Service also stops the Mediation Service in an attempt to recover service. The case can be closed now.

I believe this should be fixed in the recent published 2.0.1 CCE version. 

Thank you for raising the issue. Yes it was fixed.