Working with xlsm templates in Sharepoint

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I developed a macro-enabled Excel document (.xlsm) and uploaded it to Sharepoint online as a template. When I click New + the template, a file 'Bestand XLSM.xlsm' is created which I can easily give a meaningful name.

However, when my collegues want to create a new file and they do exactly the same as I did, they create a file 'Bestand XLSM.xlsx'. They cannot change the extention to .xlsm and cannot open the file as "it has the wrong format" (I assume the macro's are still there).

How can I create a template that is appropriately accessible to my collegues?

I am a Sharepoint novice but did not find any meaningful post on multiple user forums (a lot about creating macro's in Excel or uploading files to sharepoint but that's actually not the issue)... Please also note that our Sharepoint site is set up in Dutch, so translation issues may also complicate to find a solution...

Thanks in advance for your support.

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@LucWijns i have a similar issue. I uploaded a .xlsm as a template. Everytime I open it by "+New" a entry in the library is createt as a .xlsm file. If I open it in the app it says that a newer version is available on the server.

Not the same issue but I think it is related.