Webpart Name label cant be edited when using classic list in Modern page

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I have a strange problem that apeared recent on a modern communication site.
About a year ago i built a communication site in SharePoint Online, and migrated a couple of list from on onprem 2013 farm to this new SPO site. 

On a modern page i put a series of List webparts that all use a different view. 
To give a example there is a view called "Nederland" and the other one is called "Belgie"
The list is called "Verkeersinformatie". When i build the site i called the first list viewer webpart "Nederland" and the second one "Belgie" and so on so on with different country's.

Today i got   e-mail from a user that the webpart names are all the same "Verkeersinformatie".
When i edited the page and adjusted the names back again to "Nederland", "Belgie" etc etc. i published the page and after publishing the webpart names where reverted to the list name.

I tried to recreate the problem with new list's but the problem does not appear on new lists, i can name them whatever i want and there the same after publishing. 

Its the webpart label or name field:
Does anyone have a clue or a solution? Something in the list settings that i could check maybe?

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@Daan_N We just started to notice an issue with modern list web parts today.  The title doesn't stay if you change it, and the size doesn't stay to what we select either. On one site, the size always reverts to Autosize and on another site, it won't stay on Autosize - it reverts to Medium.  The lists are modern.


We will probably raise a ticket with our Support Desk after some additional testing and I imagine they'll have to escalate to Microsoft.

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@Daan_N - based on your comment that it didn't happen with a new list, I did find a workaround. In the list web part, change it to point to a newly created list. Then, change it back to the original list and everything should work from there.
Hi there @SPDeveloper777, I Just tested it and the worarround works. Thank you for that.
About the list size and auto sizing i experienced the same yesterday with a user.