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Hi! I am a new user of Sharepoint. We are currently in the process of changing to Sharepoint, we are therefore trying op change the settings to the way we like to work. We would like to safe all the versions from the direct past and only some versions from longer ago. This would be the perfect compromise between storage space and probability of needing an older version. We were working on a server which has a set interval as well of amount of back-ups it keeps, the longer ago in the past the less versions it holds. Is there any way to make an automatic system like this on Sharepoint?

Preferably he would automatically make a primary version every day (or every 10 safes). Sharepoint would keep only the secondary versions from the last 3 primaries and all the primaries. I have found how to do the second part but I am unable to find any method to automatically make primary versions in a set interval. Currently we have to manually safe a primary which I cant expect every employee to actively perform for each file each day.

Ps. I don't know if it is relevant but we are using a hybrid form of Sharepoint; we synchronize it and work from the server due to many of our active programs not being compatible with Sharepoint. When needed we open Sharepoint online, the version history is one of the things for which we need to open Sharepoint online.

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@NMocki there is no way to save minor versions from only the most-recent 3 major versions. For your automatic backup once a day you would need to create a flow in Power Automate but that only deals with the major versions.


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