Unable to view shared subfolder on Sharepoint

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I am having a problem that i am having troubles discovering how to solve it.
I created a Sharepoint Site in my organization. The point is to give permission to some subfolders to specific users/groups, however the only way i am able to do this is by giving them access to the mother folder.
In the specific subfolders i already stopped inheriting permissions from the site / "mother folders" however this behaviour doesn't change.




Site Root Folders:

- A (Inside "A" Folder i have 2018 2019 2020 2021 SubFolders)

- B

- C

Group A users should have access to A Folder

Group B users shoud have access to B Folder

The objective is to give access to some users of Group B (or the entire group) to..for example..the folder 2020 in the A Folder. but only the 2020. Without having access to everything else on the A Folder.


any way to make this work?

i am very surprised for this since.. i guess it's a basic and normal thing in a organization to have.

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Do you already have found the solution?

It seems you need to permit at least read permissions to A.