Unable to download folders from SharePoint

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I've tried support to no avail.  We have a very large document library that has the Offline Client setting disabled as our Employees will just try and sync the whole thing and fill up their local HD (it's over 1 Tb in size).  Even if it weren't disabled, I need to download this data so I can upload it somewhere else.  OneDrive client is Files On Demand so the files do not download until they are accessed and it's impossible to use as a source to upload somewhere else.  OneDrive is not possible.  Plus I only want 1 folder at a time so I don't fill up my HD.  


I keep getting told that either there are too many files in the one folder I'm trying to download (even when there is no way to see how many files are in the one folder), we can't download data over 10Gb (but it will download up to 18Gb sometimes then just stops), or just "it can't be done."

So we have to keep our data in SharePoint forever?  


I've watched the downloads happen and sometimes it gets to 8Gb, sometimes 12Gb, sometimes 18Gb, I've tried Edge, Chrome and Firefox and on each one, you see it going quick then all of a sudden slows down to 0, then up to 100kb/s, then it shows it's done ie zip file complete, yet it's invalid and cannot be extracted.

I cannot be the only one that needs to download folders bigger than a few Gb?

I even tried copying the folder to my OneDrive (which it did) but have the same issue downloading from there.  

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