Sharepoint Numbering Column won't let me have 001 or 012, it won't let me start with 0

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Is there a way to set a SharePoint number column to allow numbers that start with 0?

We're setting up an index system and for some reason it always removes the 0 and there doesn't seem to be a way to have it not do that.

I also tried to use a text row instead, but even that converts 001 to 1.0000000

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I tried to use this inside conditional formatting for the text index column, it saves fine but then when I go to see the conditional formatting its blank again, like its not applying








I find that if I set the index number inside the SharePoint library by editing the columns, it actually holds the 3 digit number fine, such as 001 or 002, but if I use the document quick parts label to enter the number while in the document, that's when it registers as 1.00000 or 2.0000 inside in SharePoint.


Not sure what is going on






@silaman a number column can't start with zeros, instead create a calculated column with the following formula:




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Hi Rob, thankyou for your post however doing it that way caused more problems because of power automate, the text row started behaving in the end and it seems I can keep using that.