Sharepoint number input is stored differently based on logged user

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Hello, all!


I have a SharePoint list shared with some users.

We use the list to store decimal numbers.

In my country, the comma is used as the decimal separator.

To add and edit data to the Sharepoint list, we use a custom Powerapps list form, not the default Sharepoint list form.


All users have the same locale region set to (portuguese Brazil).

The decimal separator is set as comma for all users in Windows Control Panel.

The profile setting in Delve is the same for all users (portuguese Brazil).

The Sharepoint site region configuration is set to (portuguese Brazil).

There is no custom json column formatting code in the list.


The problem is that when some users add numbers to the list, the numbers are stored differently from the expected pattern.


Below, an example of how numbers are stored when I input them (that is how they should always be stored). Decimal numbers with 2 decimal places after comma:




I don't know why, but when some users insert the same numbers, they are stored as if they don't have a comma. In the example below, as you can see, numbers around twelve have been stored representing more than one thousand



Initially, I thought it could be just a viewing issue, but a spike could be seen in the chart generated by the list data, because the historical values changed from around twelve to more than one thousand.


For some other users the Sharepoint list stores the numbers properly, but without the comma separating integer from decimal part and it also changes the dates, increasing one day for all of them.

See below the same Sharepoint list viewed in two different machines with the same Windows and user configurations:




Please, if someone can help me...

Thank you!



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It could be to do with the powerapps environment, the administrator can set the environment or tenant format, which could be having an impact on the list data. Thats the first place I would check. Perhaps also the sharepoint instance settings
Thanks, Josh!

I've checked the PowerApps settings and it was not the cause of the issue.

After massive hours trying to solve the problem, I have good news.

For those ones suffering with the same issue, I can tell you that the problem was solved changing the language setting of the web browser to Portuguese Brazil. Currently, using Microsoft EDGE.

Three dots -> Configuration -> Language...