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Dear Community,


I am experiencing and testing around with SharePoint and therefore please forgive me, if I do not use the right terms. I am a newbie in this field, a great fantastic big but you need to know how to use it.


I have created a small list, which I want to use, to keep up with customers, I am planning to call. Besides one liner information, I have also one column, that has multiple lines with the possibility to add text to existing text, which is very useful and sets a stamp.


Unfortunately, in the view, it is shown as a link called View Entries, where I have to click onto, to open a window to see the entries.



Does anyone have a trick, to change it on such way, so I can see the last 3 entries or similar as in the below pic under "Notes"?



There is one guide, playing around with Designer 2013, but I was hoping, that there is a different and easier way.

Or if there is a way, to show with PowerApps, it would also help and there I was not able to show the content of Notes, so either way would help.


Thank you very much,


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I do not know how to help you with this other than maybe use the 'comments' feature (the little bubble slightly to the left of 'Lucky' in the highlighted list item of your screenshot).

I'm actually exploring a search issue with the multiple lines of text field and the append changes setting enabled. It is not showing in search results at all. I think it has something to do with that field actually showing 'View Entries' and/or it being a 'classic' setting and not modern. Anyway, planning to 'reindex' the list but probably moot since I can't manually 'Index' multiple lines of text anyway! I have a second multi-line column in my list that does not have append changes. It does show in search results although it's poor. Probably a separate issue but the poor result example goes something like this:

item contains the word 'repaint' in non-append field and 'paint' in append field. When searching 'paint' it doesn't display at all in results. When searching 'repaint' it displays in search results properly.
There is no option to limit updates in notes column. It always shows complete data.

Hi @Scott Smith 


Wondering if you found a solution to showing search results from append only columns?

I did not. Basically, I told the client that they had to accept this limitation or change the process so they just let it drop off.