SharePoint List - Multiple Line - Append Changes to Existing Text - View Entries

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Dear Community,


I am experiencing and testing around with SharePoint and therefore please forgive me, if I do not use the right terms. I am a newbie in this field, a great fantastic big but you need to know how to use it.


I have created a small list, which I want to use, to keep up with customers, I am planning to call. Besides one liner information, I have also one column, that has multiple lines with the possibility to add text to existing text, which is very useful and sets a stamp.


Unfortunately, in the view, it is shown as a link called View Entries, where I have to click onto, to open a window to see the entries.



Does anyone have a trick, to change it on such way, so I can see the last 3 entries or similar as in the below pic under "Notes"?



There is one guide, playing around with Designer 2013, but I was hoping, that there is a different and easier way.

Or if there is a way, to show with PowerApps, it would also help and there I was not able to show the content of Notes, so either way would help.


Thank you very much,


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