Sharepoint list - items not saving in folder when powerapps form deployed

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Hi All,


Hope i can get some help.

I have a sharepoint list with folders and items saved within folders.


When i customise the form in powerapps and deploy, the new items are not saved in the folder but within the list.

When i revert back to the out of the box form, the item saves within the folder selected.


Can anyone advise on this behaviour?

Thanks for your help

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This is a one of the known issues with the Power Apps. Check related threads:

  1. Not saving list item in current folder but in root of list 
  2. Use a Power Apps to create items in a folder inside a SharePoint list 

There is also an idea/feedback submitted for this functionality (you can vote on it). It says that the feature is "Planned" but not update on it from very long time.


Check: Power Apps does not support folders in SharePoint lists when creating new items 

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