SharePoint - Issue Restricting Folder Access

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I have a sub-folder where I have set up custom permissions separate from the parent folder.

This folder is restricted and should only be accessed by 1 person.


Even though they are set as the only person with permissions, other people are able to navigate through the folders and view folder/file names, the only difference is that they can't make changes to folder structure or open any files.

The problem is, even the file/folder names are sensitive info that needs to be restricted. I understand that Owners will have access as they may need to make changes, but general users shouldn't be able to see anything.


Is there anyway to completely lock down this folder so only the 1 person can access it and the files/folders inside?

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Did you first strip all permissions, then re-assign permission? Also, did you break inheritance? These are some things I have failed to do before and that could cause your issue.
Yes I have done all of that. Only owners and the 1 user should have access based on what I can see



I sometimes get contradictory permissions information based on the "Manage Access" option from the folder drop down and from the classic view settings.




Do you see anything odd in here? Perhaps sharing links.

Manage access shows the same as the classic view options
dang, i suppose this won't be an easy fix then. I'll keep it in mind and hopefully something populates subconsciously.