SharePoint How to Prevent Folders from Moving in Document Library?

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I have a hierarchy of folders available for all members of the department in a SharePoint Document Library. There are 6 divisions of the department that have their own folder. In these divisional folders, members are allowed to add/edit files here.


How do I prevent members from accidentally moving one of those main divisional folders into another divisional folder? What are the permission steps that I can take to make this work? I have attached a photo of my example.


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Hi @DatNguyen22 


If you want to maintain all users having edit permissions for files in those folders then you cannot stop them moving folders. 


Only way to do it would be to make folders read only to those users. Maintaining files under those folders if they need to have edit rights is not practical.

@Andrew Hodges , there's no way to adjust this?

Hello @DatNguyen22l,

Your "folders" are only a way of view - an option if you activate or deactivate the folder view in a sharePoint View - 

It doesnt make sense to folders in the same library, if your members have the same rights. You could add several more libraries according to your hierarchy, not only with one library.

I would realize your hierarchy with several document libraries and different groups on certain permission levels. Thats the basic thinking in SharePoint: 

1) forget folders - think with libraries, Views and Metadata

2) set up your members NOT with personal permissions but only in this way: Groups have permissions and persons will be invited in Groups (with that permissions!)

To show you, what i mean with the folder option button i send you a little video.

Hope that helps, Eva


@Eva Vogel thanks for posting that video, it's really helpful

Only way to achieve what you're wanting is to separate the Division Folders into separate document libraries and manage the view in a hub site or parent site.


You can create "quick links" using the widget and create a view of folders in that regard.