Sharepoint 365 undeletable, unchangeable file but still full rights for Dynamics 365?

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Hi Guys,

we have a client that uses Sharepoint 365 and Dynamics 365.

I know that i can create policies to make files unchangeable and undeletable, so that is good. The users will work mainly in Dynamics 365 and save files on sharepoint (or work in sharepoint libraries through Dynamics 365). My question is pretty simple: Can we have the rule that let's say all files in Library XYZ are unchangeable and undeletable BUT Dynamics 365 User XYZ (or all) still can change or delete those files?

The idea for this is, that we want to control the changing and deleting of files through Dynamics 365. I hope my question is clear. So long story short - what we want: Files in a sharepoint library can't be edited or changed in Sharepoint but defined Dynamics 365 users can still edit/delete those files. 


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