Search Filter with User Profile Custom Property not working

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I want to achieve below functionalities.


I have one list where I have added Category field with Taxonomy type with Multi Allow. I have also created one User Profile Property of Type Taxonomy with Multi Allow. Both the things are mapped to same termset.

Column Name: NewsCategories

User Profile Property Name: NewsIgnoredCategories


Managed Property Name for Taxonomy Column: NewsCategories

Managed Property Name for User Profile Properties: NewsIgnoredCategories


Now I want to configure Search Result web part in such a way like It should show result from above list where Category does not contain values which is set in current user profile property.


I have followed link and tried with following query but it does not work.




Can anyone help me to find a solution or work around for that?

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@Kalpesh_Vaghela Did you manage to figure it out?? I have exactly the same problem