Resetting choice cell to default value if associated date cell is changed

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Hi, I have two columns (updated and last completed) that I want to interact with each other. I want the “updated” choice column to reset to no if the “last completed” date column changes. And also want the new response in the “updated” choice column to change only if the date is changed again. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.



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@Danielstout From what I understand, you want to update 'Updated' choice column whenever 'last completed' column changes value. You can easily do this if you write an automation Flow to trigger when an items changes in your list. 

Here is how I would do it - create another column and call it something like 'last updated hidden'. On every item update write the value of 'last updated' column to 'last updated hidden' column. So that you have something to compare if 'last updated' changed or not on every item update. If it changes, you can edit value in 'Updated' choice column. 

Thanks for the quick response. That may work, but there may also be an issue. I want to have date changes in the “last update completed” column trigger the “updated” column to say no. Then be able to switch the choice in the “updated” column to yes after documents have been uploaded.