Problem with '=TODAY' formule in sharepoint list

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Hello guys,


I have a problem with my Sharepoint List which is not working correctly as it did before.

MS changed something with calculated columns and now my Sharepoint List and Flow doesn't work.


I created the list with the Holidays schedule. Employees have to select start and end date.

The date before was automatically set to:

Start date: Today, 00:00
End date: Today, 23:59

End date was set by the formula '=Today+1+(1/24/60*1439)'


Now that does not work and the End Date is set to 00:00 which is wrong and breaks down my Flow by saying "Your request can't be completed. The duration of an event marked as All day must be at least 24 hours."


Could you please tell me what should I do to set the end date automatically to "Today, 23:59"? Now it looks like that and I need the "Data zakończenia" to be always set as 23:59.




Kind regards


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