Possible to change settings so that modern news articles show published date on page by default?

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Hi all! In the 'Title area' settings on SharePoint Online modern news, there is an option (disabled by default) to show published date. When enabled, published date is shown in the title area of the page. 


Is there a setting to enable this by default on an entire site, so published date is shown on all news articles that are published, without user needing to go in and change this setting every time they publish?


The only workaround we have found so far is to create a page template where this value is set to selected, but we would like any news article, even those created with the standard templates, to have published date visible by default.



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Hi @Christoffer von Sabsay ,


I haven't come across a way to do what you require. The template option you describe seems the best if not ideal solution.