Lookup column which reference a list that have 2 million records is not working, the lookup keeps lo

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I have a Parent list which contain over 2 million records:-




and inside another list (Child list) i have a lookup field which reference the above parent list, as follow:-




and inside the Parent list i added the Title as an index column, as follow:-




now when i access the Child list's create/edit modern list forms, i will get this warning on the lookup field (which is understandable) :-




but when i start typing in the Parent Title inside the lookup field, the field will keep loading as if it is retrieving data, but for more than 2 hours now i am still getting the loading image and never get the Parent record..




Any advice ? per my knowledge that defining the correct Index on the Parent list should allow us to reference the list using Lookup field, even if the list has more than 5,000 records... but seems this is not working in my case? am i missing something?


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