How to remove deleted posts from News element?

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I've deleted a news post (24 hours ago) but its still appearing on our site in the News element. 


Below is what the URL for the list looks like (IDs retracted). This seems to be the source for the News element and it's still showing the deleted post at the top of the page. 

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@Anthony-123 deleting a news page doesn't delete it from the news web part. You need to restore the page then change the Promoted State from 2 to 0, then it will be removed from the web part.


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So, I had already deleted the page from Recycle but I was able to recreate the page with the same url.
I had to do some research to figure out how to enable editing of the Promoted State.

Now that I have the page "restored" and can edit the Promoted State, I've attempted to do so. I've gone in and edited the page and published the page. The page url is the same but the title is slightly different and there's no images. The old page information is still showing in the News Element.

There's also a page that was published last week that hasn't been showing up in the News Element. For whatever reason, that page was showing as Draft and the Promoted State was 0. I've republished that page and confirmed the Promoted State is 2 but the article still is not showing in the News Element.

I have tried refreshing the page, I've tried different browsers, I've tried different user accounts in different browsers. This page is not going away.