How to find everywhere a link to a document appears in a site collection?

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Does anyone know how to find everywhere a link to a document appears in a site collection? This would include pages, document libraries, link lists, content editor web parts -- I think you get the idea.


My problem, on occasion the file name of a document is changed causing broken links. If I knew the location of the links, I could correct. Searching for the URL doesn't seem to work.


Version: SharePoint Online



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I voted for this feature.

So, from the response, I imply that SharePoint doesn't have link check capability.

Powershell could be an option
We have turned on the Document ID feature and this gives us a unique link to any document, pages, etc., that works even when someone renamed the document, page, etc.
Just my short input, kind regard, John


Thank you for bringing this feature to my attention.

John - does this feature work ACROSS different sites, or just for documents that stay within ONE specific site?