How to disable the "Email" component of SharePoint Online's News Post function?

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When submitting a new News Post, the button to save the post is "Post and Send". Is there any way to just make this "Post", and skip the whole sending of email alerts all together?


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Perhaps, but the post is created as a draft and there is a page that lists all the pages of the site.
From there, you can create your content and click "Publish".
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I think this method is probably just "publishing"... I'll contact you if I find it again.
This would be when a user goes to New -> News Post (not News Link). It opens up an editor to make a news post! From here, you can "Post and Send", to email everyone. It's a new feature as far as I know.



When I saw the reply, I looked it up myself. Then I found out that:

Apparently, this feature will be rolled out by the end of September, and I have also been rolled out.

Currently, it seems that it is not possible to change it from the setting item, but apparently even if you click "Post and Send", it will Post, but it seems that the email will not be sent unless you enter the address. (Missed emails need to be changed from the site settings)

Well, this template seems to be a template that can be read by email. However, if you scroll down to the templates, you can also use the templates of the previous submission method.


It may not be well worded, but for your reference...