How to direct user to local sharepoint online site?

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Our company has branches in different countries. How can I direct users to the local SharePoint site when they open the main portal? The idea is that when they open the main portal, they can see their own local portal link.


Anyone can advise?


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The way I would do it is deploy a group policy to each countries' users and set the users browser(Chrome and Edge) to their local Intranet(portal?).


When you talk about main portal do you mean <domain> or some other page? 




Thanks, @Andrew Hodges 

Yea, I thought about this way. But managers like to have the main portal for common news and data, and also have a link that directs users to local sites to access local data. because they used to have local language data.

I cannot add all local sites link to the main portal, because it will be very messy.