How to Add Survey Webpage to New Page

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On our main SharePoint site, I went to Settings > Add app and created a survey.  I can only access this survey via a link that I email or within my Recent list.  If I go onto our main page and edit it, I can go to Web Part and add this survey as a webpart (since our site is still in classic mode).


If a create a new site/page, it's now the modern experience and there is no option to add my existing survey app to a page.  


I simply want to create a single page with all of our surveys/results listed.  How does one do that in the new format?  

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You can use the Forms WebPart to embed a Forms survey in your SPO Pages

@luvsql , I firmly recommend you use the surveys in Microsoft Forms rather than the very old system in SharePoint, and as @Juan Carlos González Martín has said, you can add the survey to a modern SharePoint page and it's soooo much better.

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@RobElliott , @Juan Carlos González Martín 


Forms is linked to Office 365 which is linked to me. So if I leave the form leaves with me. Is there a way to keep the form and its data a part of SharePoint and not in any way linked to me? I know I can export the responses as a spreadsheet and then upload that to a document library, but all the analytics gets lost that way. Otherwise, I have to use the older SharePoint Survey and just live with the limitations.


Note: government user; which means our version of SharePoint is not the same as the commercial version. 3rd party apps are not an option for the same reason.

Same question, i don't want it returning to me and like it anonymous with an email notification telling me that I got a survey